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POP UP: Drink What You Sow, The Reverend JW Simpson, October 26, £30

If you live in London, drinking at the former home of a vicar may not be enough to shock you. But the subterranean Goodge Street bar Reverend JW Simpson also used to be a brothel, so its colourful history is as mixed as its cocktails.

The bar has been affectionately restored to its vicarage style, complete with chipped paint and peeling wallpaper. This month, events company Bourne & Hollingsworth are due to host a one-off workshop event fusing to two of the biggest hipster penchants: mixology and foraging.

Running almost a year to the day since The Reverend opened its doors, the Drink What You Sow workshop will encourage guests to bring along one foraged ingredient (get blackberry picking or herb snipping now) to inspire their own cocktail. They will provide a range of nature’s finest offerings to shake, stir or blend into your very own concoction. Anything goes; from fruits and nuts to edible flowers, so your imagination is the limit.

The bar, which cutely categorises its cocktails into groups such as ‘daisies, cobblers, smashes and sours’, is known for its mixology, so you will probably pick up a few hot tips along the way. The Reverend also operates an ‘open piano policy’, so you may want to keep your wits about you enough to treat everyone to a tune.

Get your tickets here and click here for more information. 

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